We draw various grades of low and medium carbon steels according to EN, ASTM, as well as national standards. We use either dry or wet drawing lubricants, according to customer requirements. 


Standard Grades
EN ISO 16120-2 C4D, C7D, C9D, C10D, C15D, C18D, C20D, others on request
ASTM A510M-3 1006, 1008, 1010, 1018, others on request
EN 10025-2 S235JR, S235J0, S235J2, S355JR, others on request
EN 10263-4 19MnB4, 20MnB4, 30MnB4, others on request
DIN 1654 QSt 32-3, QSt 36-3, others on request
EN 10263-2 C2C, C4C, C8C, C10C, others on request



dry drawn wire in diameters 0,65 – 12,00 mm:

rings 0,70- 6,30 mm
rosettes 1,00 – 6,00 mm
coils 0,70 – 12,00 mm

Dimensional tolerance according to EN 102018-2, or as mutually agreed.

Suitable for 3D bending, nail production.


wet drawn wire in diameters 1,80 – 12,00 mm:

rings 1,80- 6,30 mm
rosettes 1,80 – 6,00 mm
coils 1,80 – 12,00 mm

Dimensional tolerance according to EN 102018-2, or as mutually agreed.

Suitable for galvanic coating with Zn, Cr, Ni as well as powder painting. 


All products are tied by metal band and provided with handling lugs.

Conical or precision winding available for coils!

Additional options include: wooden pallets, anticorosive oil treatment, oversea packing, cardboard core or metal formers.


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