Our black annealed wires are suitable for agriculture (hop plantations), construction (fastening rebars), material baling for the recycling and many other usages. The wire surface is covered by optimal amount of residue iron oxides from the annealing process, giving it the best possible properties. We pay a lot of attention to packing and storage to ensure easy handling.



Standard Grade
EN ISO 16120-2 C4D, C9D, other on request

 Wire for  hop plantations is manufactured according to Czech standard ČSN 426413.



rings 0,65- 6,30 mm
rosettes 1,00 – 6,00 mm
coils 0,65 – 12,00 mm

Dimensional tolerance according to EN 102018-2, or as mutually agreed.


All products are tied by metal band and provided with handling lugs.

Additional options include: wooden pallets, anticorosive oil treatment, oversea packing, cardboard core or metal formers.



Please see a short video from the production.

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