We offer a wide range of wires for the fastener industry which are suitable for cold forming. Our unique phosphate-free coating based on polymer dispersion fully replaces previously used technologies.

Forget about old, non-ecological, energy-intensive processes using phosphated wires and discover a new environmentally friendly product.


Our product offers a number of advantages over outdated phosphate-based technology:

• + 20% longer tool lifespan (special coating provides better lubrication)
• + 50% longer lifespan of heading oils
• Increase of productivity (more pieces per minute)
• lower cleaning costs (lower bath temperature and concentration)
• cheaper disposal of fluids (no phosphate sludge, nitrates, heavy metals)
• easy to remove after forming 



DIN 1654 EN 10263-2 Description
GKZ+K +AC+C spheroidized + cold drawn
K+GKZ+K +U+C+AC+LC cold drawn + spheroidized + light cold second drawing
GKZ+K+GKZ+K +AC+C+AC+LC spheroidized + cold drawn + spheroidized+ light cold second drawing



Standard Steel grades
EN 10263-2 C2C, C4C, C8C, C10C, C15C, C17C, C20C, others on request
EN 10263-4 17B2, 23B2, 38B2, 17MnB4, 20MnB4, 23MnB4, 30MnB4, C35EC, 42CrMoS4, others on request
DIN 1654 QSt 32-3, QSt 36-3, others on request

Thickness tolerance h9 according to EN 10278, or as mutually agreed.


Standardly delivered in rosettes on metal formers, or in spooled coils tied with metal band.

Other options include: wooden pallets, anticorosive oil treatment, oversea packing, cardboard core.


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