Production and processing of drawn wires

Tritreg Třinec is a producer of drawing wire and specializes in its annealing, trimming, straightening, bending and rewinding. More than a quarter of a century of experience, collaboration with universities and renowned experts in the field of wire manufacturing and processing has led to improvements in our technological processes and stabilization of product quality. We use modern machinery of the world's leading manufacturers, which together with our know-how and quality management system according to IATF 16949 creates ideal conditions for a first-class approach and product quality.

Our products have found customers not only at home, but mainly abroad. The share of exports has been more than 50% for the third consecutive year. We export to EU countries, but also to Eastern Europe. We are able to arrange the transport of goods by road or rail transport, containers – whatever our customers preferences. Recently, we have focused on more sophisticated products and have established cooperation with leading manufacturers of furniture, white goods and the automotive industry, where we have managed to increase the volume of sold goods. The production capacity of the company exceeds 40,000 t/year.

You can rely on the quality of our products!