About Tritreg

TRITREG - Třinec, s.r.o. is a family-owned company, which has been manufacturing drawn wire since 1993. Tritreg is situated in the heart of Silesia between the major Czech and Polish industrial centres, thus ensuring access to top quality raw materials and a wide customer base. Over the years, Tritreg has developed unique know-how, enabling it to offer tailor-made products for even the most demanding of customers.
Initial production began with ribbed wires. Smooth high quality drawn wires followed few years later.
Our company is engaged in the production of low and medium carbon wires. We are also engaged in the trading of bright steel bars for further processing, such as, straightening, 3D bending, welding, machining and surface coating. Our typical customers are from the automotive sector, furniture systems industry, machinery producers, white goods producers, household goods producers, the construction industry and agriculture sector.
We have invested in the most modern machinery and equipment supplied by the leading manufacturers in the wire industry such as KOCH, Wafios, IDEAL and ABB. We can cater to all possible customer requirements including annealing in a protective atmosphere in our own furnace. Our work flow chain is uniquely integrated. Under one roof, we draw wire rod, we straighten wire, as well as performing 3D bending and robot welding processes. Our facilities give us great strength and diversity in manufacturing possibilities in our sector. We are probably the only company in Europe enabled offering all such production methods!
We take great pride in our successful development and completion of our cold drawn wire line aimed at the production of polymer coated wire for cold headed screws, rivets and fasteners production. We do not use phosphates in this process! This novel technology is extremely beneficial in reducing environmental damage and minimising production costs.
We work with customers from all over the Europe. We are able to offer more than 40.000 tonnes per year of our own wire products and several thousand tonnes per year of traded steel bars and rods. With over 70 employees, in excess of €30 million turnover and 7.000 m2 of production space, Tritreg is ready to meet your needs!



  • 1993 – TRITREG - Třinec, s.r.o. was established as the only domestic producer of cold rolled reinforcing steel
  • 1995 – cold drawn wires were added to the company product portfolio
  • 2005 – first black annealed wires produced at TRITREG
  • 2008 – steel fiber production started
  • 2010 – first bright wires suitable for galvanic coating produced with wet drawing technology
  • 2013 – new annealing furnance launched, from this point TRITREG manufactures top quality annealed wires under protective atmosphere, including bright annealed wire
  • 2015 – last batch of reinforcing steel produced, from now on TRITREG focuses solely on the production of hard drawn and annealed wire
  • 2015 – started implementing quality management system according to IATF 16949
  • 2015 – first investment into the wire drawing technology
  • 2017 – built new 1300 m2 of warehousing space
  • 2019 – second investment into the wire drawing technology (capacity increased to 40.000 t/year)
  • 2019 – acquired certification IATF 16949:2016 from renowned TÜV Nord Group
  • 2019 – purchased first wire 3D bending machine
  • 2020 – purchased second wire 3D bending machine
  • 2021 – installed drawing machine for the production of cold heading wire intended for special fasteners market
  • 2021 – purchased third wire 3D bending machine
  • 2021 – finished construction of a new production hall for product finishing (3D bending, welding, straightening)
  • 2021 – purchased new welding technology for product finishing division
  • 2022 – acquired certification IATF 16949:2016 (TÜV SUD)
  • 2022 – purchased new wire cleaning device
  • 2022 – start of trading division
  • 2022 – purchased new fields for further growing (26.000m2)
  • 2022 – turnower above 40 mil EUR
  • 2023 – acquired certification IATF 16949:2016 (TÜV SUD)
  • 2023 – acquired certification for rail welding ČSN EN 15085 – 1(TÜV SUD)
  • 2023 – new warehouse and production hal (1400m2)
  • 2023 – Tritregs production and warehouses reach 10.000m2

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Years of experience

We’ve been manufacturing steel wires since 1995. The unique know-how we’ve gained throughout the years allows us to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Quality management

In 2019 TRITREG - Třinec, s.r.o. acquired certification IATF 16949:2016. The quality is paramount for us.

Independent laboratory

Our independent laboratory issues certificates according to EN 10204/3.1 and ensures that all products meet perscribed specifications.