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Semi-hard steel wires
  • Semi-hard steel wires
  • Semi-hard steel wires

Semi-hard steel wires


DIN 1654 EN 10263 Description
K+GKZ +U+C+AC cold drawn + annealed
GKZ+K +AC+C annealed + light cold second drawing
K+GKZ+K +U+C+AC+LC cold drawn + annealed + light cold second drawing
GKZ+K+GKZ +AC+C+AC annealed + cold drawn + annealed
GKZ+K+GKZ+K +AC+C+AC+LC annealed + cold drawn + annealed + light cold second drawing



Standard Grades
EN 10263-4 19MnB4, 20MnB4, 30MnB4, others on request
DIN 1654 QSt 32-3, QSt 36-3, others on request
EN 10263-2 C2C, C4C, C8C, C10C, others on request

Dimensional tolerance according to EN 102018-2, or as mutually agreed.

Suitable for fastener production or further drawing.


All products are tied by metal band and provided with handling lugs!

Conical or precision winding available for coils!

Additional options include: wooden pallets, anticorosive oil treatment, oversea packing, cardboard core or metal formers!



Please see a short video from the production.

Years of experience

We’ve been manufacturing steel wires since 1995. The unique know-how we’ve gained throughout the years allows us to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Quality management

In 2019 TRITREG - Třinec, s.r.o. acquired certification IATF 16949:2016 from renowned TÜV Nord Group. The quality is paramount for us.

Independent laboratory

Our independent laboratory issues certificates according to EN 10204/3.1 and ensures that all products meet perscribed specifications.